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Hydroponically Grown

Hydroponics is the system of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solution in a water solvent. The nutrients that the plants normally derive from the soil are simply dissolved into water. Advantages of growing produce in a Hydroponic System includes:

Deep Pool Floating Raft Technology

Floating Rafts Growing Technology is certainly the most water conscious system among existing hydroponic growing systems. The key feature is the use of large volume of water allowing enormous buffer for fertilization, oxygen control, economic plants and transportation by flotation. This large buffer brings a level of security and easiness that no other growing system can match.

Controlled Environment Setup

Nude’s state of art Greenhouses, combine advanced horticulture and engineering techniques to optimize crop production, crop quality and food safety all year round.
Our climate controlled greenhouses facilitie growth of premium quality produce, all year-round.
They have been designed to give our expert growers complete control of the growing environment — light, temperature, humidity, CO2 and nutrition, which ensures unmatched product quality. Nude can provide locally grown leafy greens and herbs, even in the winter months, when local supply is typically limited.

Pesticide Free

Nude’s Greenhouses run an Eyeball Pest Control Program with stringent preventative and monitoring techniques. The biological control completely minimizes the need for insecticides, pesticides and herbicides due to the redundancy of soil. In addition to the program, our plants are nurtured in RO (drinking water) in a clean and sanitized facility, minimizing the water Borne diseases.

Sustainable Agriculture 

At Nude, we farm responsibly and sustainably. Our greenhouses save land, water and eliminate agriculture runoff.

They offer more efficient and better yields all year round compared to traditional farming techniques, resulting in 100 times more productivity. We strive to improve and streamline operations everyday, to reach our optimum growth point. Hydroponics eliminates soil erosion, food borne illnesses, harmful pathogens and recirculates water to minimize waste, resulting in complete control over plant nutrition all year round.

Urban Agriculture

Greenhouse’s proximity to large urban areas gives birth to the movement of locally grown. It aids to the prolific demand in a farm to fork culture by providing a fresher, more nutritional produce. This movement is a positive manifestation in the health and wellness sphere. Specifically rendered to shape communities, bridge the gap between consumers and growers and provide complete transparency.

Nude values education in shaping communities by helping them reconnect with their food supply, know their roots and nourish their souls.


Every phase of the greenhouse, right from the seeding to the harvesting is monitored with unmatched care and commitment to quality.
Our job is not only to grow but to nurture. We are obsessed with the delicate qualities of leafy greens.
We provide our customers with the freshest and highest quality greenhouse grown products available on the market.


Crops are grown to optimize taste, nutrition and growth. Our products are harvested a few hours before it reaches your plate. Our proximity to consumers helps us achieve an extended shelf life. Nurturing our crops in RO water along with a three step hygiene procedure ensures that our products are ready to eat.


Here at Nude, we follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) guidelines to ensure product safety and eliminate potential for product contamination. We stray away from all kinds of convoluted agriculture practices like spillage, abrasion, excessive polishing, peeling and pest control. We run extensive quality checks, laboratory tests and traceability techniques before the produce reaches your doorstep.


We source from partners who spent nearly a decade developing the ideal seed, rather than relying on GMOs.

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