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Our Story

Our Technology

Liveponics India Private Limited is an agriculture startup that uses Deep Pool Floating Raft Technology, introduced first time in India, to grow vegetables hydroponically. Floating Rafts Growing Technology is certainly the most water conscious system among existing hydroponic growing systems.

Our Journey

In comparison with Soil

Vegetable and fruit quality is deteriorating in India. Bruising, cracking makes the vegetables more prone to organisms.

The produce is degraded using

  • Spillage

  • Abrasion

  • Excessive Polishing

  • Peeling

  • Pest Control


To fight this battle against convoluted agriculture practices, the curators of Nude took a pledge to form an agriculture company, which will create complete transparency between the growers and the consumers. We aim to provide safe and healthy premium food to consumers in an environmentally conscious way. We Care About You & the Environment, and strongly feel that every individual has the right to know where their source of food is coming from.

To help develop effective systems in our greenhouse, we started our journey by a planned visit to the
Controlled Environment Agriculture Center, in Tuscan Arizona.

After a comprehensive study in this field, we collaborated with Dr. Merle Jensen, world pioneer of Hydroponics, who has an intensive agriculture background, has worked on several hydroponic related projects all across the globe. He has also been involved in a research project with NASA, on how to grow vegetables on the moon.

Merle’s wealth of knowledge has given us the confidence to branch into growing leafy greens hydroponically. Innovating using this new, advanced and highly responsive technology, we foresee to manifest a change in the agriculture industry.

Why nude?

Nude means in its “natural or bare form. We feel that our brand name resonates well with our long term goal of creating an agriculture company that operates on the principles of pure transparency. We want our customers to capture that image of purity when they look, feel or taste our product.

We aim to grow our produce with utmost care, right from the seeding till the harvesting, every plant is taken care of. We have carefully chosen growers who are familiar with the entire anatomy of the plant, therefore that feeling of security and faith in our product should be intimated through our brand name “NUDE”.

We are stripped of all insecticides, pesticides and other harmful practices that growers get convoluted in, while growing their produce. All crops are grown in RO water, in the most hygienic condition, resulting in the cleanest produce.

Nature’s Unique Dose of Energy, implies that the produce is Natural, Undressed, Different & Exceptional, so customers should use our products daily to kick start a healthy living lifestyle.