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Every aspect of the growing process is taken into consideration to ensure the quality of produce that is harvested, packaged, and delivered to you. We don’t just guarantee quality we also bring flavor to the table. Taste for yourself!

Premium Quality

The quality of seeds, water, and nutrients used at Nude, is nothing less than perfect.

Our tailor-made Nutrient-Rich recipes for each variety will tantalize your taste buds. Like plant whisperers, we have mastered the art of optimum nutrition and rich flavors. We use Non-GMO seeds, derived from a supreme source that spent nearly a decade developing the ideal seed. Crops are grown to optimize taste, nutrition, and growth. Further, the crop is nurtured in RO water along with a three-step hygiene procedure, making the produce absolutely ready-to-eat. Every phase of the greenhouse, right from the seeding to the harvesting is monitored with unmatched care and commitment to quality.

Ideal Growing Conditions

Our Greenhouse, is a mood, a state of art, and a technological masterpiece.

Combined with advanced horticulture and engineering techniques, it ensures optimal crop production, crop quality, and food safety. Our climate-controlled greenhouses facilitate the growth of premium quality products, all year-round.

They have been designed to give our expert growers complete control of the growing environment — light, temperature, humidity, CO2, and nutrition, which ensures unmatched product quality. Nude can provide locally grown leafy greens and herbs, even in the summer months, when local supply is typically limited.

Nude’s Greenhouses run an Eyeball Pest Control Program with stringent preventative and monitoring techniques. The biological control completely minimizes the need for insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides due to the redundancy of soil. In addition to the program, our plants are nurtured in RO (drinking water) in a clean and sanitized facility, minimizing the water Borne diseases.

We follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) guidelines to ensure product safety and eliminate the potential for product contamination. We stray away from all kinds of convoluted agriculture practices like spillage, abrasion, excessive polishing, peeling, and pest control. We run extensive quality checks, laboratory tests, and traceability techniques before the produce reaches your doorstep.

Sustainable Agriculture Practices

At Nude, we farm responsibly and sustainably.

Our greenhouses save land, water, and eliminate agricultural runoff.
Technological innovations in the greenhouse and good agricultural practices lead to twice as much productivity which results in twice as much food in half as many resources. Hydroponics requires less use of critical resources i.e water and land. It requires 90% less water and Yield Per Square Meter is 10 times higher compared to organic and traditional growing techniques.

Due to our policy of being within close proximity to consumers, furthermore supplying the same day as the harvest, we focus on reducing the carbon footprint.

We strive to improve and streamline operations every day, to reach our optimum growth point. Hydroponics eliminates soil erosion, foodborne illnesses, harmful pathogens, and recirculates water to minimize waste, resulting in complete control over plant nutrition all year round.

Smart Harvest

Harvested thoughtfully.

Timing is the key. Using AI to keep track of the growing plants and expertise of our growers, we’re able to harvest each crop at the exact right time, ensuring flavor is at its prime.

Best Taste!

Bringing soul to your recipes.

If your greens taste bitter and you don’t like them for their taste, you’re probably consuming the wrong ones. By meticulously monitoring the light, water, and nutrient cycle of our plants, we help them attain supreme nutrition and best flavors. Once harvested, our greens are set out to reach your plate within 24 hours, further increasing the shelf life and improving the dining experience!

COVID-19 or not. You're in Safe Hands.
Our controlled environment setup along with the safety & hygiene procedure ensures that the purest produce reaches your doorstep.