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Nude X Artusi

Nude collaborated with Artusi to elaborate on the concept,
‘Know Your Chef, Know Your Roots.’
This concept highlights how fundamental it is for everyone to understand where their source of food is coming from.
The crunch of local and sustainable produce is way more satisfying when it comes to freshness and quality.
The chef’s at Artusi curated the whole menu around Nude leaf, incorporated it in a traditional Italian style cuisine, which was then relished by 20 celebrated men and women of Delhi.

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Vitality Hours

Nude collaborated with Antidote’s Vitality Hours in two day wellness weekend. Chef Varun played around with the menu to throw light on the whole concept behind Farm to Fork. The whole menu was based on a balanced diet concept, elucidating on the benefits of following a morning, afternoon and evening ritual with Nude,  along with easy to make homemade recipes.

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Cook Away with Nude

Watch Chef  Varun in action, cooking for the residents of World Spa.
This segment talks about Varun’s take on macrobiotic along with some convenient home made recipes that typically answers the question,’What do we do with these leaves?’

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