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About Hydroponic

About Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the system of growing plants without soil. Plants are grown in a controlled environment setup using Floating Raft Technology, the most water conscious system amongst other hydroponic systems.

Why Hydroponics?

In Contrast to Organic Farming


Very Clean

Nurtured in RO water along with a 3 step Hygiene Process.


Chemical Free

Stripped of all Insecticides, pesticides and herbicides.


Healthy Crop

Optimum growth of the plant is reached with highest nutrition value.



We are local producers ensuring that our produce is not genetically modified.

Liveponics India Private Limited is an agriculture startup that uses Deep Pool Floating Raft Technology

Floating Rafts Growing Technology is certainly the most water conscious system among existing hydroponic growing systems. One of its key feature is the use of a large volume of water allowing enormous buffer for fertilization and oxygen control and economic plants' transportation by flotation. This large buffer brings a level of security and easiness that no other growing system can match.