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The Nude Truth, Path of Absolute Transparency

Nude, is an urban agriculture startup growing premium quality leafy greens using Hydroponic Technology and delivering it right at your doorstep.

Grown using advanced Deep Pool Floating Raft Technology under Hydroponics, located near New Delhi. We provide a year-round, local supply of premium quality, pesticide-free produce grown under the highest standards of food safety and environmental sustainability

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times more efficiency
day shelf life
times more productions
less water consumption
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Our Produce

At Nude, we believe that ‘Produce should be simple and an easy choice.’

Operating on the grounds of Pure Transparency, we offer a wide variety of leafy greens, microgreens and herbs available all year long.
Taste the freshness of local & sustainable crunch.
Harvested at the crack of the dawn and delivered right at your doorstep

Weight Loose Hydroponics in Gurgaon

Our Values

At Nude We Believe,

It all begins with a journey of ‘Knowing Where Your Source of Food is Coming From.
Leafy Greens are a good source of nutrition and a great starting point for Macrobiotic cleanses.
According to USDA, ‘30% of our daily diet should comprise of greens.
Choose Nude as your health partner:
Reap The Benefits That You Sow

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Client Testimonial

Alright Nude Leaf, you got me onto Kale

Kavya Trehan

So fresh and crispy!! Can’t wait to add nude leaves to my sandwiches and salads


Thank you Nude leaf for sending these chemical-free leaves. Can’t wait to munch on them


Hydroponically grown leafy greens, rich in flavor and stripped off chemicals

Sukhmani Sakhi

Hydroponics, the future of health


Thank you for this wonderful micro-greens hamper, Nude Leaf!! Another step towards healthy living

Shubhada Nishtala
kale-winterbore hydroponics in Gurgaon

Kale Winterbore

Our carefully selected medley of kale Winterbore leaves are sturdy and flavourful to enjoy raw in a salad, smoothies, shooters or be cooked traditionally like more mature varieties.


Premium Butterhead Lettuce

Soft and buttery-textured, our thick leaved butterhead leaves are sweet and succulent. This delicacy of lettuce is terrific in salads and sandwiches. Simply Delicious.


premium butterhead lettuce hydroponics in gurgaon