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Go Nude,

Be Transparent

We know a healthy body doesn’t mean much without a healthy world to live in. Fulfill your daily dose of nutrition with NUDE.


Very Clean

Nurtured in RO water along with a 3 step Hygiene Process


Chemical Free

Stripped of all Insecticides, pesticides and herbicides.


Healthy Crop

Optimum growth of the plant is reached with highest nutrition value.



We are local producers ensuring that our produce is not genetically modified.

Liveponics India Private Limited Is An Agriculture Startup That Uses Deep Pool Floating Raft Technology

Floating Rafts Growing Technology is certainly the most water conscious system among existing hydroponic growing systems.

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  • 10

    times more efficiency

  • 5 to 7

    day shelf life

  • 4

    times more productions

  • 90%

    less water consumption

Why Nude?

  • Transparency

  • Supreme in Freshness

  • Food Safety

  • Effective Traceability

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Nude means in its natural or bare form. Our brand name resonates well with our long term goal of creating an agriculture company that operates on the principles of pure transparency.

We want our customers to capture that image of purity when they look, feel or taste our product.

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Supreme in Freshness

We’ve created an efficient way of growing fresh and flavorful vegetables and the concept is simple – create the perfect growing conditions and the plants will thrive.

Freshly harvested produced is delivered right at your doorstep.

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Food Safety Checks and Hygiene

All incoming and shipping-out produce are checked regularly for food safety compliance. In-house results are regularly verified by independent and accredited third party laboratories.

Produce is nurtured and pre washed in RO water before packaging.

Tab 4

Effective Traceability and Recall System

We are accountable for effective food safety management at all levels of the supply chain including Greenhouses, packing facility, distribution center, and transport operation.

We can trace our produce consistently and efficiently from the point of origin to the point of consumption.